The Barker was constructed in 1909 by the socialite Clara Burdette as the largest furniture store in California for the renowned Barker Brothers. This Beaux-Arts style building derived from late 19th century Chicago School architecture and included an array of impressive architectural details, which will be carefully preserved. The building remained a furniture store for most of the 20th century and is currently being sympathetically renovated and upgraded with its original essence guiding the restoration.

The building will provide approximately 46,000 sq. ft of commercial space located on the upper six stories of this restored warehouse. Floors will be configured to allow tenants a private space starting at 3,800 sq. ft.

Furthermore 11,000 sq. ft of prime retail space will become available facing Broadway, which is fast becoming the most sought-after retail address in central Los Angeles, with neighbors such as Apple, Theory and COS.



Once home to cutting-edge interior design for Los Angeles families, the Barker building is currently being thoughtfully reimagined – guided by a philosophy that celebrates the very best of modern Californian culture, while paying deep respect to its architectural heritage.

Outfitted to the highest standards, the upper floors of the building will include expansive loft spaces that will become a hub for both larger established companies, as well as for a curated selection of emerging businesses and artists at the beginning of their journey, who require smaller, flexible or shared environments.

In contrast to the constant stimulation and intensity of today’s society, we believe, like many Californians, that balance is the key to long-term well-being and success in any profession. Complementing the high-energy work environment of the upper floors, we are planning a traditionally-inspired bathhouse and natural wellness area on the lower level of the building, where patrons can relax and recharge, using natural methods to keep both body and spirit in shape.

The ambient kitchen and lounge will offer guests the finest quality, healthy and naturally-grown food that serves as the foundation for a sustainable and energising lifestyle.